McGill University

Montreal, Quebec, 2012 - 2016

Bachelor of Engineering,
Electrical and Computer Engineering

Completed Courses:

COMP 424Artificial Intelligence
COMP 310Operating Systems
COMP 251Algorithms and Data Structures
COMP 250Introduction to Computer Science
COMP 202Foundations of Programming
ECSE 457ECSE Design Project 2
ECSE 456ECSE Design Project 1
ECSE 434Microelectronics Laboratory
ECSE 428Software Engineering Practice
ECSE 426Microprocessor Systems
ECSE 425Computer Organization and Architecture
ECSE 421Embedded Systems
ECSE 414Introduction to Telecom Networks
ECSE 353Electromagnetic Fields and Waves
ECSE 334Introduction to Microelectronics
ECSE 330Introduction to Electronics
ECSE 323Digital Systems Design
ECSE 322Computer Engineering
ECSE 321Introduction to Software Engineering
ECSE 306Fundumetals of Signals and Systems
ECSE 305Probability and Random Signals
ECSE 291Electrical Measurements Lab
ECSE 221Introduction to Computer Engineering
ECSE 211Design Principles and Methods
ECSE 210Electric Circuits 2
ECSE 200Electric Circuits 1
MATH 363Discrete Mathematics
MATH 270Applied Linear Algebra
MATH 264Advanced Calculus for Engineers
MATH 263Ordinary Differential Equations for Engineers
MATH 262Intermediate Calculus
MATH 141Calculus 2
MATH 140Calculus 1
MATH 133Linear Algebra and Geometry
FACC 400Engineering Professional Practice
FACC 300Engineering Economy
FACC 100Introduction to the Engineering Profession
CCOM 206Communication in Engineering
PHYS 142Electromagnetics and Optics
CIVE 281Analytical Mechanics
CHEM 120General Chemistry 2
CHEM 110General Chemistry 1
GEOG 205Global Change
ECON 209Macroeconomics Analysis and Applications
ECON 208Microeconomics Analysis and Applications

Westfield Senior High School

Westfield, New Jersey, 2008 - 2012

US High School Diploma

Completed Courses:

AP Physics C
AP Calculus BC
AP Statistics
AP French
AP Biology
AP Chemistry